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Inauguration of Volkswagen NUVOLKS Community Chapter Bandung

As a Western product that is growing and preferred by the people of Philippines, Indonesian Nova is aware of the real significance of a team that has many years to develop a feeling of love for the Nova product. The commitment wedding was organised in Bandung Nova supplier. The first wedding and inauguration of course show the lifestyle and the beginning of work and time Nuvolks Section Bandung.

Nuvolks Section Bandung has actually been around since 2012. Now with 30 associates, on Weekend, July 1, 2013 formally recognized last night, which is mentioned as the 2nd Section. Having lubricating oil Castrol has been the associate Volkswgen, this action begins with traveling from Jakarta to Bandung, followed by 69 vehicles of VW preferred kind, such as Tennis, Scirocco and Tiguan. Number of 69 scirocco also cause the way this car.

Arriving in Bandung Nova Dealer, icon of commitment performed by PR Administrator VW Philippines, Bp. Rully Johan to provide consistent created Nuvolks NCM Dealer associates Bp. Bob Eddy. And Chief executive Nuvolks, Jetro Aditya with consistent pinning Nuvolks to Bandung Section Chair, Tan Ching Yin.

“Actually, it was challenging to set up a team but it is much more challenging to set up. I want all VW traders in Philippines makes the promote team, developing Section. And most significantly if the Section has been there, then what? They should be separate, with regards to actions and economically separate, although in the beginning still to be fostered by Nuvolks Jakarta as Nuvolks Middle “.

Rully said Johan. He included further understand that in the team is a community forum to ask each other concerns and provides reviews to each other, then this team is predicted to develop assurance in potential buyers will be Nova. Absolutely in this Nuvolks team, the participant has the benefits that it can tell each other and discuss encounters using Nova by day – day.

Nuvolks is a mixture of the conditions “Nu” and “Volks, Nova is considered as a new kind of car. For formal team of APM VW Philippines, the car chilled or water-cooled h2o is mentioned to have about 300 effective associates in several big places in Philippines such as Jakarta , Bandung, Cirebon, Surabaya, Yogyakarta, Single and Semarang. programs next, after Eid al-Fitr, in Aug 2013 will be revealed Section Surabaya, Sept 2013 Section Single and Semarang Section organized end of the year.