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Introduce the newest Lamborghini Concept Car, Egoista

At the Geneva Engine Display 2013 last Goal, Lamborghini presented the exclusive version Veneno. This extremely car drawn the interest of guests because of the unusual external style. But it seems that was not enough because of the latest French car producer presented a new idea car known as Egoista.

This newest idea car insights for each took place at the optimum of the party of the birthday of Lamborghini’s Fiftieth year. Egoista Lamborghini supercar was created for self-centered entrepreneurs. According to Wally De Silva, as the Go of Nova Team Design, “This car was created just for one person, which allows the car owner to have fun and show his character. Vehicles are developed for hyper-sophisticated people who just want products (car) which the most excessive and unique on the globe. ”

For the external, the style Egoista Concept looks strange and not everybody’s preferences. Even when in contrast to Veneno, this car has a more unusual styles again. Obvious collections control a exclusive idea car body. At the top part is separated into three areas, namely the two segments on the remaining and right part of the car prepared with front part lights is small, and the middle included honeycomb developed grill.

For in and out of the cottage, you have to let go of the leader that has a innovative style and put it on the sprint. Fantastic element of a rushing car is experienced when seated in the cottage of the car. With the popularity of along with lemon, this car is also prepared with a head-up show like a jet aircraft.

To shift mobi, Egoista depend kitchen driveway potential of 5200 cc V10 able of treating energy of 600 hp.