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Tips & options for expertly rim polish

rim-polishTo eliminate small scratches or the former glory of its wheels to restore, can be in different ways, the surface of the rim polish. What methods are recommended and what you need to learn here. Who his wheels would polish, should provide appropriate environmental conditions and safe working medium in the first step. This means:

– Make sure there is good lighting in order to assess your polishing result at any time accurately.

– Avoid both cold and damp rooms. This can cause the polishing paste bonded to the metal.

– Wear safety goggles and a dust mask (respirator). Aluminum dust is very fine-grained.

Assigns the rim damage on (nicks or scratches), an Alloy wheels repair be carried out. But be careful: If it is a hairline fracture, the rim must not be used. Sometimes a repair is worth not well priced. Then it is advisable to find new AMG rims online.

Instructions for polishing aluminum wheels:

Remove the clear coat

If the wheels have a surface coating, this must be removed first. Suitable for this is a commercial stain. When stripping is essential to wear rubber gloves because Paint strippers are extremely aggressive chemical compounds normally.


If the rim even after stripping is not in polish able condition (paint residue, irregularities), must be pre-sanded. For this purpose, sisal is used. These can also be used for pre-polishing use.

Our tip:

For the polishing of round or narrow rims beds located sisal intrinsically much better than cotton polishing wheels.


Now it comes to it, to polish the rims. You will need polishing wheels (cotton) and polishing pastes. When polishing the rims it is important to process the surfaces slowly and smoothly, otherwise there may be irregularities arise. In addition, it is advisable, the discs in between too rough several times. Cotton discs can be used 400 (or better) from about grain.


Do you have the surfaces of your aluminum wheels polished smooth (about up to a grain size of 800), it’s time to finish. For this, discs are made of flannel.

Have polish also steel rims?

Even steel wheels can be polished. However, this requires considerably softer Ceramic abrasives are required than with aluminum wheels. It must also after polishing with a clear varnish or an acrylic clear coat the surface sealed (powder coated), otherwise quickly rust forms.


In multi-part steel rims there is the danger that the paint does not seal perfectly in the seams (between star and bowl) anybody. In such a case, the formation of rust and corrosion spots cannot be avoided.

If alloy wheels are painted again after polishing?

If rim resealed after polishing with lacquer, the risk is very high that the new paint chips again. Who wants to have a new layer of lacquer, therefore should not polish, but:

– Remove paint

– Sandblast

– Repaint and powder coating

Would you like a part of the rim polishing and another painting (for example, the rim flanges polish and the rest of the rim with lacquer seal), should this first polishing and then the painting done. Because paint comes on the polished surfaces can easily this remove. By contrast, the painted part of the rim can be easily damaged during polishing.

Why Replace My Windshield

Replace WindshieldMost people don’t give their cars a second thought until something goes wrong. Quite a few of us drive around with cracked and chipped windshields, which is odd, because such damage is usually readily apparent. Here, you’ll learn why your windshield is so important, and you’ll learn how prompt windshield repair in Portland can help you save money in the end.

Your Windshield Plays an Important Role

It may be called a windshield, but it does more than block the wind. Your car’s windshield keeps rain, snow and ice out of your car, and it blocks things like insects and birds. It can’t block everything, though; a rock kicked up by a passing vehicle can hit it with the force of a bullet. Any crack or chip in your windshield is a potential vulnerability, and you can maintain its structural integrity with prompt repair or replacement.

Repair or Replacement?

Is replacement or repair a better option? It depends on the situation. In most cases, it costs less to repair a windshield than to replace it, but not all windshields can be repaired. Sometimes, damage isn’t fixable, and structural components such as an embedded antenna make it difficult or impossible to do a successful repair. If your windshield is too badly damaged to be repaired, Metro Auto Glass can offer professional service and factory-quality results even on luxury vehicles.

Get it Fixed Right Away

When your windshield gets chipped or cracked, you should get it repaired right away. Slight chips can become huge cracks with minimal disturbance. Some cars have HUDs, or heads up displays, which can drive up the cost of a repair. To avoid as much extra cost as possible, get small chips repaired before they get bigger. By getting your cracked windshield repaired quickly, you can help to retain the structural integrity of your car—and you can keep yourself, your passengers and other motorists safe on the road.

Why Choose Metro Auto Glass?

If your HUD or standard windshield needs replacement, you can count on Metro Auto Glass. They’re experienced in dealing with specialty windshields, and they can replace them quickly and professionally. Metro is accredited by the BBB, and it is registered with the AGSC (Auto Glass Safety Council). They use only certified installers, who know how to work with high-tech HUD displays. Because they can work with current automotive technology, they have a distinct advantage over the competition. Metro makes auto glass replacement and repair simple and hassle-free; they can come to your business or your home, or you can bring your car into one of their shops.

Introduce the newest Lamborghini Concept Car, Egoista

At the Geneva Engine Display 2013 last Goal, Lamborghini presented the exclusive version Veneno. This extremely car drawn the interest of guests because of the unusual external style. But it seems that was not enough because of the latest French car producer presented a new idea car known as Egoista.

This newest idea car insights for each took place at the optimum of the party of the birthday of Lamborghini’s Fiftieth year. Egoista Lamborghini supercar was created for self-centered entrepreneurs. According to Wally De Silva, as the Go of Nova Team Design, “This car was created just for one person, which allows the car owner to have fun and show his character. Vehicles are developed for hyper-sophisticated people who just want products (car) which the most excessive and unique on the globe. ”

For the external, the style Egoista Concept looks strange and not everybody’s preferences. Even when in contrast to Veneno, this car has a more unusual styles again. Obvious collections control a exclusive idea car body. At the top part is separated into three areas, namely the two segments on the remaining and right part of the car prepared with front part lights is small, and the middle included honeycomb developed grill.

For in and out of the cottage, you have to let go of the leader that has a innovative style and put it on the sprint. Fantastic element of a rushing car is experienced when seated in the cottage of the car. With the popularity of along with lemon, this car is also prepared with a head-up show like a jet aircraft.

To shift mobi, Egoista depend kitchen driveway potential of 5200 cc V10 able of treating energy of 600 hp.