Modification Honda Jazz Concept Batik

We still have “by – by” create you awesome competition adjustment AcceleraAuto Contest Surabaya’s first sequence finished on Weekend.And this time the platform car is redeveloped, the Ford Jazz music manufacturing this year. Marketed the idea was unique, the mixture of shade and black design on the body system.

The hatchback car owner, Kevin, said that the idea of adjustment is a road rushing create over that combinations between the European and Philippines on the external. Modification through the use of common European revealed body system kit, 17-inch wheels, wheels Achilles, and Mugen spoiler mixture. As for the ‘taste’ of Philippines is proven through the car shade with batik elements. He said that the purpose was the result of his own development and takes 4 days to process.

Blend between the European and Philippines also still seems so we joined the cottage of the car. The whole car chair, roof, entrance cut, floor mat until covered by batik material. Kevin said, “I purchased the material along 16 metres in Atum market for car internal coating.”

As for the advance a la the European on its inside look at the

the use of graphite on the entrance cut, dash panel and roof. For Kevin depend Rockford sound system and sound system to produce sound using Central better.

Beneath the bonnet, Kevin included the ground cable to help route voltages and voltages so that electric equipment is more maximum efficiency. It is also used in order to power the narrow open allocated more ‘smoothly’, and called for improving XCS power fuel-efficient vehicles.

So how long and money should be invested to alter the Jazz music ‘Batik’ this? Kevin is still learning management financial aspects degrees this answer needs 5 months and invested $ 20,000 to renovate the car.

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