Mastering Automatic Transmission

download (9)Why Auto transmission is so popular

Automatic cars are all the trend now the world over. Since they are so much simpler to drive, new motorists choose auto cars over manual transmission ones. New drivers find it quite difficult to learn gear changes and clutch controls in a manual car. With car’s transmission modifying gears on the go, the car owner can concentrate all his interest on driving without getting diverted by when to release clutch and when to move gear. All you need to understand are driving guidelines and steering control and you are on your way to becoming a car driver. It is therefore no surprise that auto transmitting cars are so well-known these days. In many African nations manual transmission vehicles still sell well but in the European nations and US battle has already been won by automatic transmission automobiles.

Tips for Driving an Automatic Transmission Car

The tale is different when a driver knowledgeable in manual car begins driving an automatic car. Here are some guidelines to help your conversion. First, there are only two pedals in an automatic transmission car – the gas pedal (also known as accelerator) and the braking pedal, the clutch pedal that provided you so much problems in a manual is gone. Clutch is no more required because gears are being transferred by the car and not by you personally. Second, while you use both your feet when driving a¬†manual transmission¬†automobile, you have to unlearn this when driving an automatic car. In an automatic car, both pedals are to be managed by motorist’s right legs and remaining legs can rest. Sometimes when have just turned from manual to automatic, the left leg can land on braking pedal when shifting gear, this can be a problem so one way to practice the left leg is to take the shoes off so you feel the distinction in the two legs, the other technique is to put left leg under your right leg to keep it out of the way.

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