Getting the Most Money for Your Car in the Classifieds

Car ClassifiedsIf you want to maximize the sale of your car, you should steer far clear of your local dealership. Instead, you should list your car for sale in the local classifieds, where you can reach individual buyers directly. By taking your car to the dealership, you’ll always end up with less. The dealership has to pay you less so it can sell the car for more later. Instead, you should cut out the middle man and go to the buyers yourself.

You won’t be the only one trying to take advantage of all the benefits the local classifieds offer. If you want your car to stand out among the rest, you’ll need to take a few proactive steps. Here are a few things you can do to get the most money for your car in the classifieds:

Get Your Car in Top Shape

Before you can ask top dollar for your car, you’ll need to get your car in top shape for sale. Clean it from top to bottom, and take care of any obvious defects. Get stains out of the upholstery, get rid of any foul odors, touch up scratches, remove tar from the paint, and so on. The car doesn’t have to look factory fresh, but it should look as good as it can.

Take Out a Featured Ad

Listing in the classifieds will get you major exposure for your car sale, which can help you sell your car faster and for the price you want. However, getting a featured ad can help you get even better results. Your ad could include a picture or bolded text, or it could be placed in a prominent position on the page. The ad could appear in print and online, and it could be bigger than the other ads on the page. Explore the options to find the best solution.

Write a Great Ad

You don’t have to be a marketing genius to write a great ad. Just be creative and focus on the best features of the car. Make every word count. You only have a limited amount of space, so you have to be judicious in your word choice. If any information is in the ad that doesn’t help sell your car, cut it.

The classifieds can help you maximize the sale of your used car. Use these tips to help you rise above the rest and get the most you can for your car.

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