Buying Bosch Horns

Bosch HornsBosch has been around for some 90 years. Most vehicle manufacturers seek them out when it’s time to fit in that powerful acoustic signaling device known as a horn. Bosch has three types of horns; Normal tones, Supertone and Megatone Horns. These horns all concentrate the sound to the front of the vehicle.

If you want a horn that calls for attention, choose one made by Bosch, because it won’t give up on you when you most need it. When considering what kind of horn you want to buy, always consider getting the best quality product. Horns are crucial especially to avoid accidents; you don’t one that won’t deliver that startling, alerting sound. Bosch Horns gives you that quality of sound that demands attention.

A normal tone horn from Bosch guarantees you a metallic sound, and total reliability. Its features include a harsh penetrating sound that will go a long distance. So, if you see kids playing at a distance, you’re sure they’ll hear your horn and get out of the way. It has a solid mechanical design that is not affected by rust and flying stones. They can go into your SUV, Cars, Pick-ups and Motorcycles.

Supertone horns have a larger size and are more powerful. They give a very high sound and have been designed to fit on the outside of the vehicle. The Supertone Horn can also be fitted on official vehicles and motorcycles above 50cc. While the Megatone horn has an attractive design that includes a chrome-plated high-grade grille. It has top quality diaphragm and contacts, and gives a powerful, long-range acoustic signal. It’s great for Pick-ups, Buses and Trucks.

Bosch Horns come with a list of part details that let you know the specification of the horn e.g. verzinkt and the operation mode e.g. electric. Consult your vehicle manual before you purchase your horn for easier installation.



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